My Workflow

Photo Scanning, Color Correction and Digital Restoration

Before scanning your photos and slides I will gently clean them with PEC-12 Archival Photographic Emulsion Cleaner and lint-free, ultra soft non-abrasive wipes. For filmstrips and 8mm motion picture film I use VSF299 cleaner and conditioner. I'll scan your images at much higher than video resolution, using 300, 400 or even 600 dpi enabling more exacting restoration work and greater latitude for zooming and panning. Using Adobe Photoshop I'll ensure your old photos look their best by correcting the contrast, exposure and color of faded images, concealing minor damage and healing common imperfections.

Laying the Foundation, Building and Mixing the Soundtrack

The foundation of your video eulogy is the sound track. I begin building the track by processing the audio of your narration, removing background noise, normalizing the variations in loudness and sweetening with tonal adjustments. Now I'll do a rough mix with the background music you've selected and provided or that I've chosen from a stock library.

Visuals Rough Cut, Motion Effects, Shot Transitions

Following the roadmap you've built for me with the "storybook' I'll now lay out a roughly timed montage of the photos to go along with your eulogy narration. My favorite creative task is to create smoothly animated slow zooms and pans so each image reveals or invites deeper meaning. This is a visual style perfected by the award winning documentarian Ken Burns, whom I can only hope to faintly emulate. In most cases the transition from shot to shot will be a dissolve.

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Digital Restoration

Aunt Anne Clairmont Park Scan

Don't fret if some of the photos you've selected are old, faded or even slightly damaged. I will gently clean your photos before digital scanning, and use Adobe PhotoShop to improve the color balance and exposure, crop for artistic composition, conceal minor damage and heal common imperfections.

Hover over the image above for a thumbnail sized before/after example or click on the image to pop open a higher resolution demonstration of one of the many restorations I accomplished during the production of "Remembering Elaine Goren".