Finishing, Delivery and Return of Originals


In the final stage of editing I'll fine tune the timing of all effects and transitions to blend smoothly with your narration and music. Once rendered and checked for quality the production is ready to be encoded using standard definition MPEG2 and burned onto an autoplay DVD.

Delivery and Return of Originals

I'll deliver two copies of your DVD master and return all original media including the storybook back to you via FedEx. For families local to the San Francisco Bay area I can courier the project to you myself for no extra charge if you prefer.

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DVD Label Art

Remembering Elaine Goren DVD Labels

You can specify an image to print on the DVD label for your Video Eulogy, or leave it to me to create a nice montage and title like the one I made for "Remembering Elaine Goren". Click the discs image to view full resolution.