Lovingly Crafted Video Tributes

Preserve & Honor the Life Stories of Your Loved Ones With a Professionally Produced Memorial Video

As I watched and listened to my sister Jennifer deliver the eulogy at Mom's funeral service, I had the epiphany that Stacey, Jennifer and I had unwittingly written a very visual script. Soon afterwards I accepted that it was my duty as the family video maven to complete my Father's "life work" of documenting and celebrating his love of our Mother. The video eulogy I made about my Mother "Remembering Elaine Goren", was therapeutic for me as I worked through my grief immersed in her voice and images. Many family and friends were not able to attend the funeral service in Florida and the DVD I later distributed helped to break the ice and reaffirm relationships strained by circumstance.

When my parents retired to Florida from New York and de-cluttered the family homestead of 30+ years they came across an old steamer trunk once belonging to my grandparents filled with turn of the century photographs, undoubtedly family, but for the most part unidentifiable. The majority of those photos were discarded, as there was no one left in our small clan who could give life to these fragile and faded memories. I lost my Mom and Dad in fairly rapid succession to the ravages of cancer. What I've found particularly disturbing by the silencing of their voices is the countless lost remembrances of our rich family history.

After the Funeral, Video Obituaries Provide Comfort & Closure

Give lasting life to your heirloom stories before they are diminished by the mists of time. You'll find visiting with your departed loved ones via their personal biographical documentary much more satisfying than touching a cold headstone. I look forward to the privilege of working with your family to produce a video eulogy you will want to share with all who loved the one you have lost.

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Bruce N. Goren

Bruce N. Goren

I've been helping people tell stories using sound and pictures all my life.

From college radio and the early days of CNN, to over ten years at KLCS-TV in Los Angeles, I've worked on shows, managed crews and sold the cool technology for making media magic.

Equally at home behind the scenes at network studios, TV stations or editing web videos for start-up businesses in San Francisco, I've engineered, animated, written, edited and voiced numerous successful projects.